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from small wastewater treatment plants to XL plants and mobile solutions

Whether large or small, wastewater has to go somewhere. We offer you individual solutions that are tailored to your needs. No matter if a septic tank already exists or not. We offer retrofits from 2-52 population equivalents (PE) with our proven KLÄRMAX® technology.

You need it bigger? No problem. We are happy to plan and build your systems up to 6000 population equivalents. For mobile solutions, we offer our KLÄRMAX® container plants. They come in a 20-foot sea container and are easy to transport by truck. Call us, we will be happy to provide you with an individual offer after a free consultation.

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treatment plants

Fully biological small wastewater treatment plants

XL wastewater treatment plants over 50 P.E.

Mobile wastewater treatment plant in container


How biological small sewage treatment plants work

The water is purified in 4 steps in 3 chambers.

1st charging phase: The charging siphon fills the reactor from the pre-chamber by a so-called mammoth pump.
2nd cleaning phase: Oxygen is introduced into the waste water by the disc aerator in intermittent operation. Microorganisms clean the water in the process.
3rd settling phase: The plant technology is at rest and the activated sludge formed in the 2nd phase settles. A clear water zone forms above it.
4th clear water discharge phase: The cleaned, clear water can now be pumped back into nature.


The special features of the fully biological SBR technology

SBR technology
Biological SBR technology is by far the most widespread treatment process in the field of small wastewater treatment plants. Instead of the three treatment steps in a total of three chambers (primary sedimentation / biological treatment / secondary sedimentation) required in other processes, only two chambers are needed in SBR technology, because the treatment and sedimentation phases are combined in one step and the separate secondary sedimentation tank is no longer required. The sludge flocculation is the prerequisite for the fully biological wastewater treatment. The KLÄRMAX® SBR small wastewater treatment plant uses the proven activated sludge process and is used by 80% worldwide.

No pumps, no mechanics and no electricity in the wastewater
here are no moving or electrical parts in the septic tank. The complete technology of the KLÄRMAX® SBR small wastewater treatment plant is installed outside the pit for easy access and does not come into contact with the wastewater. This significantly reduces the susceptibility to failure.

Permanent underload successfully tested
The KLÄRMAX® SBR small wastewater treatment plant can be subjected to permanent underloading and has been used for many years in single households, vacation homes and other places with low wastewater volumes all over Europe. We can help you find the right small wastewater treatment system for your needs. Arrange a free consultation appointment.


Decentralized wastewater treatment for municipal, commercial and industrial applications.

In addition to small wastewater treatment plants ( < 50 PE), Reinhardt GmbH also offers decentralized solutions for small municipalities and other businesses. You can choose between non-technical plants (sewage ponds and constructed wetlands) as small wastewater treatment plants ( < 500 PE) or technical plants (SBR plants or mobile container solutions in the floating bed process) up to 5,000 PE. Steel, concrete and plastic are used as container materials. Depending on the size of the plant and the type of installation (above ground or underground).

Technical and non-technical plants

> Sewage ponds
> Constructed wetlands
> Wastewater treatment plants in containers

Decentralized and municipal solutions

> Small sewage treatment plants, small sewage treatment plants and sewage treatment plants up to 5,000 p.e.
> Concrete – steel – plastic


The mobile sewage treatment plant solution

The Klärmax® container system
The Klärmax container system comes with a pump station to transfer the wastewater into the container. So all you have to do is install the pump station and connect the wastewater pipe. The container wastewater treatment system itself is ready to plug in.

The heart in the container – the technology
The system comes in a 20-foot sea container that can be easily transported by truck.
The pump station consists of the tank (PE-HD), a cutter wheel pump and a low voltage control unit.

Four rectangular, space-saving tanks made of food-grade polyethylene are used. Each of the tanks has a capacity of 4000 liters and are resistant to all wastewater ingredients. Stability is ensured by the galvanized steel bandages. As compressors we use two Nitto LAM-200 piston compressors (215 W). Piston compressors are much quieter than diaphragm compressors. Furthermore, the operational reliability is increased and a consistently high pressure is applied. The reactor is aerated by means of disk aerators. These diaphragm aerators allow fine-bubble discharge of the air.

There are no moving or electrical parts in the vessel. The complete technology is installed outside the tank for easy access and does not come into contact with the wastewater. This reduces the susceptibility to failure.

Spare parts and control
Spare parts for the conversion kit are easy to acquire and quick to replace. The control cabinet in the front part of the plant houses all the necessary electromechanical components (control, compressor and solenoid valves). The „Pro“ control system controls the entire cleaning process. It can be used to adjust operating times on site or to view running times. In addition, the control system has an automatic vacation and economy mode with many extras.

Klärmax® Container

> Including pump station
> In 20-foot sea container
> Mobile transportable by truck


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